World Denim and Jeans Industry Overview

July 12, 2007

Jeans are comfy, unfussy and display tons of attitudes. But do you know what goes in to making that wonderful pair? It is denim fabric which snugly fits as jeans to withstand the rigors of day and night, for you!

Over 50 percent of denim production is based in Asia with China, India, Turkey, Pakistan and Bangladesh leading in that order. Have huge domestic markets, China and India have easily displaced the USA, once a leader of this category of textiles.

Even as trade agreements are being entered into to restrict low priced denims from Asia, this is not expected to change things much. World demand for denim fabric is expected to continue to grow at a rate of 3-4% per annum for some time to come. And supply will remain more than the demand for another year or so. The capacities that are being added will be more than the closures at least for some time to come.

This is what exactly emerges from World Denim Report put up on world’s leading apparel, textiles, fashion and retail internet portal of the world – The World Denim Report delves deeply into hitherto unexplored sector which is better known by its end product than itself.

Beginning with its origins, it traces the origins, market growth, global trends, manufacturing capacities, leading industry players and other facts that have never been talked about in such an exhaustive fashion.

It speaks about the selection of technology which has got a vital role to play in deciding required product mix and competitiveness and that too in the global context. The yarn mostly preferred for making denim is open-end spun yarn, which is twisted harder than that of ring spun. The World Denim Report summaries the facts and figures of denim fabric in the major hubs across the globe.


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