A Man, Joe’s Jeans, and a Cement Truck

July 14, 2007

A Man, Joe’s Jeans, and a Cement Truck

A man walks down the street. He is a well-dressed man with stylish clothing. He looks good, and he knows it. The only thing that could possibly be misconstrued as casual are the jeans that he’s wearing, yet these are Joe’s Jeans. They are made to be stylish, accentuate the positives, eliminate the negatives, and give one an overall sense of well-being and tranquility.

“Yes,” the man thinks. “This pair of Joe’s Jeans will serve me well. They may not be as stylish as Miss Sixty jeans or as well-known as D&G Jeans, but these and the seven jeans that I have back at home are sure to do me right for a long time.”

Suddenly, 3 monkeys, a poodle, & a Chihuahua ran by, being chased down by a maniac in a bulldozer. The man jumped into action, threw down his backpack, took off his scarf, and soon he & his Joe’s Jeans were hauling some serious buns down the asphalt.

“I don’t care much for the poodle or the monkeys, but in the name of blueberry bran muffins, if you hurt that Chihuahua, me and my Joe’s Jeans will kick your trash!”

He raced after the bulldozer…but how does one stop a bulldozer? A bulldozer is huge! Joe’s Jeans might be more resilient than the D&G Jeans, but they’re not that resilient! A bulldozer would tear them to shreds!

“Hmm….what could stop a bulldozer? A skyscraper? No, too big & too immobile…” he thought as he jumped around 2 old ladies whining about how coffee costs way too much, and 50 cents extra for cream and 60 cents for sugar, and wondering about who in their right mind would ever pay that much money for something they could make themselves. It’s just not right!

“A motor scooter’s mobile! No, that’s too flimsy…man, these Joe’s Jeans are surely holding up well…” he mused as he slammed through 2 men each with a backpack, one with a scarf, the other with a Dr. Seuss hat. One dropped his backpack, the other dropped his sandwich getting mustard & relish all over his scarf.

“What about…hey! That’s a cement truck! I always wanted one of those, even back when I was 5 and I didn’t even know that Joe’s Jeans existed! Imagine what I could do with that…I could make a pool…or maybe…a wall…or…wait, would that stop a bulldozer? Why yes, yes it would!”

And he kicked his Joe’s Jeans into high gear, his scarf flapping in the wind, jumped over 2 puddles, and dashed around 2 taxi cabs. He jumped up, yanked the cement truck driver out of the cab, and planted his Joe’s Jeans covered butt right in the seat.

“Sorry to hork your truck man, but this about a Chihuahua” and he rammed the truck into first and chased after the bulldozer. He promptly plowed through a Lexus, “Aww, man…I didn’t mean to do that,” but with his spirits buoyed up by the knowledge that he was wearing Joe’s Jeans, he was able to keep his eye on the goal. “I’m gonna save you Chihuahua, even if I have to go to jail for it!”

He drove the truck through a red light, the wrong way down a one-way street, to head the bulldozer off at the pass. “Come on Joe’s Jeans, don’t fail me now!” He had to time it just right if he was going to keep the Chihuahua safe. Now? No….now? No….NOW!! He slammed on the accelerator, cut the bulldozer off. But that wasn’t enough. He had to ensure that the maniac would never harm another Chihuahua again.

He jumped out of the truck (his Joe’s Jeans were very flexible. He’d like to see D&G Jeans let him do this,) and swung the cement loader into the bulldozer. “No…please…I’ll repent, I’ll never hurt another Chihuahua again,” the maniac begged!

“I can’t risk that. We must keep the world’s Chihuahuas safe. I’d be unworthy of wearing Joe’s Jeans if I didn’t try my darndest to protect them,” and he turned on the cement truck…filling up the bulldozer with 40 gallons of cement. He didn’t want to kill the maniac, just prevent him from doing anything ever again. “There. All done. The world’s Chihuahua’s are free from harm once more.”

About the Author:  Christian Farmer is a content writer for 10x marketing.


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